About Us


Since 1990, the company MJ Makris operates in the space of promotional gifts. With a deep experience in the field, MJ Makris is now in the position to provide solutions to any requirement and need for companies in any industry, that wants to please in their own unique way, customers and staff alike.

All business people and entrepreneurs are now aware of the need to please in a unique way people that they appreciate.

At MJ Makris, we have the solution to this problem, and not only. We offer a drastic solution and innovative ways in order to express in the best way your appreciation, and benefit at the same time by showcasing your advertising message where needed.

With experienced staff, delivery and performance guarantees on your order, promotional gifts and authentic originals, we don’t just promise you a great service but we materialise your ideas fast and at affordable prices.

From 2017, and with 26 years of experience, MJ Makris expands out in the European market having the know-how, aiming to have an important role in the field of promotional gifts, with a headquarters facilies in the Danish and German market.